When life is interrupted – is it all over now?

When life is interrupted – is it all over now? 2017-07-29T11:19:54+02:00

Wouldn’t it be nice, if after acute care and rehabilitation, everyone involved in the caring of your loved one, were on the same path with a common vision? Wouldn’t it be nice if those around the affected person such as family members, carers, therapists and other professionals could encourage and envisioned him back on their feet?

Stroke, acquired brain injury, divorce, death, notice of termination, all these matters bring radical change and challenges into one’s life.

The main goal should be to improve the quality of life and independence continuously. When all interventions and therapies serve this goal, the requirements for progress are set in place.

As coach and therapist with the focus on Neurological Rehabilitation, I know that rehabilitation is a long and ongoing process. It is actually a never ending one. The reason being that the brain never stops learning. Science has already proven that Neuroplasticity is key for success.

I encourage you you, to be part of  this process as an active and creative member of the team.

Building blocks: Offers for Teams and Individuals


Coaching on Site

Become alive again for a common goal is the maxim. All areas of life are affected and need to be worked on. To create joy and meaning for a motivating work together, life needs to be reflected on in order to create a new structure for all.

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Learning and discovering new things in a relaxing atmosphere to enrich your life, is very precious. Reflecting the old and creating the new in your own unique way.

Walk it Out

Be in the outdoors and create something new. Breathe fresh air and walk stress-free towards your solution in order to improve your wellbeing.

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My passion is to assist people to uncover hidden treasures in each individual. Being part of a process to discover strengths, talents and interest is a privilege at the same time. This is where you reconnect to the material and tools within you to create a fulfilled life.


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