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Rehabilitation Continues

The Process of Rehab at home depends on the people who are involved and develop the concept based on experience, knowledge and vision.


Wishes, wants and needs of those involved is in the centre from the very beginning:

  • The affected Individual
  • Partner
  • Relatives
  • Care team
  • Therapists
  • Rehab consultant and coordinating professionals

Individual Beliefs and Common Vision

Each member of the team has its individual insight and beliefs concerning what have to and needs to happen. Many factors influence these insights which mirror the current standard of information, experience and task (assignment). Different beliefs can easily compete or even oppose with each other.

For the sake of the affected individual, a common vision will be developed. The vision should be based on an assessment about the situation of the affected individual and the current results on science regarding Neurological Rehabilitation.

The vision will be broken down into short-term, mid-term and long-term goals. Continuous case conferences raise awareness for progress and provide space for dynamic adjustments.

Participation in Life

One main goal is to recognise opportunities to initiate a pro-active and creative approach and to bring this to life. Together we create practical access to communication and movement.

A dynamic process will be created with all actors for the best interests of the affected individual and his/her quality of life.

The duration of the coaching is determined by the needs and wants of the individuals and the transfer into daily life activities.

 Topics can include:

  • Teambuilding
  • Development of vision
  • Effective communication
  • Interdisciplinary cooperation with therapists
  • Collegial supervision
  • Development of innovative approach to therapy

My knowledge and competencies are valid:

  • Certified Life & Executive Coach,
  • Certified Coach Persolog® Personality Profile (DISC)
  • Certified Trainer Persolog® Stress Profile
  • Conversational Dynamics by Persolog®
  • Certified Coach ProfilPASS® – Recognition of prior learning and informal gained skills
  • The Coaching Game
  • Mediation
  • University of life
  • 30 years experience in Neurological Rehabilitation, robotics included

15 years experience in recognition of prior learning for career guidance and life planning