Bärbel Pankoke

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YOB 1961
Education Physiotherapy – Neurology/Paediatrics

More than 33 years of experience in rehabilitation of people with acquired brain injuries

Area of practise Therapy & Rehabilitation: Supervision, Planning and delivery of training; collegial “hands-on” supervision and coaching for therapists, carers and relatives,

Life Coaching for about 10 years; Focus on competence and resource knowledge and management



Neuro-Rehabilitation; Early Intervention; including Physiological Dysfunction
Coaching career guidance; transition coaching (all ages)
Training Focus Stress Management; Conversational Dynamics; Career Guidance
Qualification Certified Life & Executive Coach,

Certified Persolog® Coach/Trainer

Persolog® Personality Profile (DISC) and Persolog® Stress Profile
Certified Coach ProfilPASS®

Nordic Walking Instructor

Soft Skills Thinking and acting with the focus on solution; humour; creativity; empathy; encouragement
Personal 6 years work and life in Ireland